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Scarleteen has offered comprehensive, inclusive, and thoughtful sex education to millions of teens and young adults since 1998. As Scarleteen’s Artist in Residence, I collaborate on articles and Scarleteen projects by creating illustrations and other online materials.

Scarleteen E-Cards

"There's a big range of interactions and relationships that can all be healthy, happy and involve love -- or like, lust, or even I-don't-know-yet-what-this-is-yet-but-it-sure-is-fun-so-far -- not just one kind of relationship. Hookups or friends with benefits, open or poly relationships, friendships, sexual monogamy, love relationships without sex, exes turned friends, and even the love relationship one has with oneself can all potentially be sweet, caring, beneficial and meaningful for the people within them."


E-cards created in collaboration with Scarleteen to send you whomever you wish on Valentines Day or any other day! Click the link above to send some cards!