Other Educational Comics


Dr. RAD's Queer Health Show

This book is the first issue in a collaboration between RAD Remedy and Isabella Rotman to release a series of health guides about self-exams, checkups, hormone options, and other topics related to trans and queer health and wellness.

RAD Remedy is an organization focused on healthcare for trans, gender non-conforming, intersex & queer folks. RAD's mission is to connect trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer folks to accurate, safe, respectful, and comprehensive care in order to improve individual and community health. RAD's main project is the RAD database, which is filled with community-reviewed providers. 

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The Invention of Monogomy

Published on the Nib, written by Sarah Mirk, and drawn by Isabella Rotman. Read here.


Published on Oh Joy Sex Toy. Made in collaboration with Searah Deysach and Early To Bed.

Published on the Nib. Autobiographical mixed with research.