Educational Comics

I believe comics are one of the most valuable teaching tools available to us! To me, comics have a non-pretentious vibe about them that makes people feel much less like they are being lectured at.  In my work I often write about difficult or uncomfortable topics, and in order for someone to absorb information about difficult topics they usually have to be comfortable. I use comics, and a dash of humor, to make these topics approachable.

My work tends to focus on the subject of sex education and consent. My two most popular educational comics are Not On My Watch and You're So Sexy When you Aren't Transmitting STIs. Both are distributed at multiple colleges. Please check them out! I am also artist in Residence at the sex education website, making sex more real and less dreadful since 1998! Links to my collaborations with Scarleteen here.

Thank you for exploring my educational comics! If you are interested in purchasing any comics with an educational discount please contact me directly at