Due to sales and local tax laws in Cook Country, Illinois, where I am located, 10.25% sales tax will be applied to all orders with a shipping address in the state of Illinois. All orders shipped outside of Illinois will not be charged sales tax.

Do you charge sales tax in your online store?

YES!  Currently Not On My Watch and You're So Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STIs are available for educational purposes for $2.00 per book. In larger quantities the prices go down. Both books have customization options for any order over 1500 copies. Free complimentary inside cover customization is included in orders over 1500 copies. Customization to the content of the books is available for an hourly fee and I reserve the right to veto any changes I am opposed to on moral grounds.

 I'm happy to provide you with a digital copy to share with your peers and send you a physical sample free of charge. Payment an be made a number of ways, including check or a digital order through the wholesale section of my online store with a card. Please e-mail IsabellaRotman@gmail.com if you are interested, thank you!

Can I purchase your educational comics in bulk for my education or health related organization or school?

Twitter: @IsabellaRotman

Instagram: @ThisMightHurt

Facebook: nope.

Tumblr: It used to be thismighthurt.tumblr.com, but I'm kind of letting it die.

Social Media?

Can I get one of your designs as a Tattoo?

Sure! I would be honored. All I ask is that you send me a photo of the tattoo when it is done and allow me to post it on my website and/or social media.

Can I commission you?

Yes, absolutely! I am always interested in commissions, including tattoo designs, album artwork, and posters. If you are interested please contact me by e-mailing IsabellaRotman@gmail.com. I will be happy to send you my rates and let you know if I have time available to work on your project or idea. More info and examples available here.

Would you like to draw my Children's Book, zine, and/or comic?

I am not in a position to take illustration jobs that will make money if and only if the book sells, and I require half payment up front. Regardless of rates, I don't usually have time to pick up a new project this large. Unfortunately projects like this take a long time. Generally I have 3-4 projects lined up ahead of me at all times.

While I enjoy and support self-publishing, my experience is in zines and comics, and not children's books. If you are looking for an illustrator for your children's book, I understand that the industry is much different there in regards to self-publishing, so I encourage you to reach out to publishers! Generally the publication industry for children's books discourages writers from finding their own illustrators. If a publisher accepts your pitch they will pair you with illustrators that they are already contracted with. Here is a quote from this helpful article for writers approaching illustrators, which I recommend you take a read through. "Editors and art directors don't just take your book and print it; they're active in creating it with you. Part of their job, and what they pride themselves in doing, is matching you up with the illustrator who's perfect for your story. If they've never worked with you AND you're pulling along an illustrator they've never worked with, that's two unknowns for them, and that's a much bigger risk than taking you on and pairing you with an illustrator they know does good work and meets deadlines."

So while this summarizes in short to " I probably don't have the time or financial leniency to work on someone else's book", if your project has a stable budget and timeline, or you really think I am the perfect fit, I encourage you to reach out to me, and I thank you for your time!

Yes, absolutely! I have a password protected wholesale store on this website where available items are listed at 50% of retail rates. Please e-mail me at IsabellaRotman@gmail.com with info on your store and I will supply you with the link and password.

Can I purchase your items at wholesale rates for a retail store?

Do you do discount or pro bono work for non-profits and good causes?

Yes, I often do work for causes I strongly believe in for a discounted rate. I have a limited amount of time and money that I am able to devote to this though, and most of it is already dedicated to sex education and LGBTQ causes that I strongly support. So while I have limited time to offer to new projects, I encourage you to message me! I may have an idea for how to help out, and if I truly believe in what you are doing, I'm likely to find a way to lend a hand or at least post about it on social media.

I bleach it blonde and then dye it with manic panic, midnight blue and voodoo blue. Every so often I let it sit in coconut oil all day.

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